• Stressed out and exhausted?
  • Taking care of everyone except yourself?
  • Making the world a better place, but worried you might burn out?

You support so many others; I enjoy supporting you. Often caregivers and changemakers are so busy meeting the needs of family and community, our own health suffers. Let’s work together to help you manage cancer prevention and treatment, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, burnout, menstrual health, digestion, and trauma recovery. You’ll receive thorough, well-researched clinical care, with safe space, non-judgmental listening, and attention to your whole person.

Traditional Chinese medicine balances the whole person – your body, mind, emotions and spirit. I help you relax and sleep better, to feel calm and focused. When you nurture your own health, your work, relationships and creative projects will benefit. You’ll feel rejuvenated and have more than enough energy for the long haul.