FEES – PRIVATE TREATMENT (acupuncture, massage, nutrition, herbs, qi gong meditation, wellness coaching)

  • 20 min initial consultation (phone or in person): FREE
  • 60 min (1 session): $70 including tax
  • 60 min (package* of 5 sessions): $300 ($60/session) including tax
  • 90 min (1 session): $95 including tax
  • BEST VALUE!  90 min (package* of 5 sessions): $410 ($82 per 90 min session) including tax
  • ESPECIALLY FOR NEW CLIENTS:  Package* of one initial 90 min session + four 60 min sessions$325 including tax
  • Letter preparation (e.g. for insurance company, other health care practitioner, etc.): $30 including tax
  • Food plan preparation: $30-$150, depending on level of detail (to be negotiated with you)

FEES – REMOTE CONSULTATION (via phone/online: nutrition, herbs, health coaching, exercise, stretching, lifestyle, self-acupressure, qi gong meditation):

  • 30 min: $40
  • 60 min: $65
  • 90 min: $90

*Package Policy: If you do not want to complete the package, you can request a refund for the remaining sessions. All used sessions will be charged at regular (non-package) prices.

Financial Accessibility: I aim to work with others to ensure that holistic and traditional medicine becomes accessible to all, regardless of financial status. I believe in energy exchange, and in honouring the time and energy of both “clients” and “practitioners”, a life work which happens both in the treatment room, and behind the scenes. At this time, I am able to offer  a number of sliding scale (reduced fee) private treatments, and may be open to bartering. I also offer acupuncture regularly at various free/PWYC/sliding-scale community events and fundraisers. Contact me for details, or join my monthly mailing list to keep informed.

Payment methods: Cash, cheque and email money transfer (EMT) are accepted. Acupuncture receipts available for insurance – check coverage with your insurance company.

Cancellations and Lateness: Please note that 1 business day notice (email or phone) is required to cancel or change your appointment, or the full fee will be charged, to honour the time I could otherwise offer to other clients. If you are late, we can proceed with whatever time is left; however, the appointment will end at the scheduled time.


I provide workshops on stress, anxiety and mood management, self-care, Traditional Chinese Medicine, burnout, nutrition, and many other topics. I can offer skills as an experience group facilitator, a broad background in community/social/environmental issues and anti-oppression, a passion for organizing and community development, and health/wellness information from a Chinese medicine viewpoint. Please contact me to discuss details.