Nicer November Massage Sale!

Head massage photoGet a 60-minute Traditional Meridian Massage for only $49! (Value: $70)

Excellent for clarity, emotional balance, relaxation, sleep promotion, and energy renewal, try this form of Traditional Meridian Massage – a circuit of the head, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet to balance the major energy channels of the body. Meridians are the main pathways that Qi (life force/energy) flows along, and that we usually work with in acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, and exercises (like qi gong, tai chi and dao yin yoga).

This type of massage is practiced comfortably through clothing, and can be customized to the priorities and goals of each individual.

– Sale ends November 30th! However, after purchase, you can book sessions ANYTIME (no expiry).
Gift certificates available (holiday present, anyone?).
– Maximums: Buy up to 3 for yourself, up to 10 as gifts for others.

Booking/info: Email or phone 416-890-7770.