PLEASE NOTE: I am currently in Nanjing, China completing a Master’s program in TCM Oncology. I will return to Toronto, Ontario and resume my practice in July 2018. Stay tuned for exact locations and details!

Payment policies

Payment methods: Cash, cheque and email money transfer are accepted. Paypal can be arranged. Prices below include all applicable taxes and are given in CAD (Canadian dollars).

Cancellations and Lateness: Please note that 1 business day notice (email or phone) is required to cancel or change your appointment, or the full fee will be charged, to honour the time I could otherwise offer to other clients. If you are late, we can proceed with whatever time is left; however, the appointment will end at the scheduled time.

FREE initial consultation (15 min)

This consultation is an opportunity for you to ask general questions about my services and any concerns you may have. It is not a personalized assessment or TCM diagnosis.

FEES – Single appointments

Acupuncture, massage, nutrition, wellness or mindfulness coaching, self-acupressure. For your initial visit, I recommend you book 90-120 minutes, to have time for a detailed health history, assessment, and treatment.

  • Single session (60 min): $95 CAD
    • For an additional 1-2 people (e.g.for small group meditation or coaching), add $35 CAD per person per 60 min session
  • Single session (90 min): $130 CAD
    • For an additional 1-2 people, add $50 CAD per person per 90 min session
  • Single session (120 min):  $165 CAD
    • For an additional 1-2 people, add $65 CAD per person per 120 min session

FEES – Phone or internet sessions

Remote sessions can include TCM diagnosis, nutrition, wellness or mindfulness coaching, self-acupressure.

  • 30 min: $75 CAD
  • 60 min: $95 CAD
  • 90 min: $130 CAD
  • 120 min: $165 CAD

FEES – Packages  

You will experience more effective results if you commit to a course of regular and frequent appointments. Your body and mind will rebalance faster and require less appointments overall, so it’s more ‘bang for your buck’ when you can come more frequently. To support and encourage that commitment, I offer the following packages:

  • 60 minute appointment packages

    • Package of 5 (weekly): $425 CAD. (First 4 appointments are charged at the regular fee of $95. Fifth appointment within 6 weeks of the first session is charged only $45. Average = $85 CAD/session)
    • Package of 10 (biweekly): $785 CAD. (First 7 appointments are charged at $95 per session. Next 3 appointments within 6 weeks of the first session are $40 each. Average = $78.50 CAD/session).
  • 90 minute appointment packages 

    • Package of 5 (weekly): $600 CAD. (First 4 payments are charged at $130 per session. Fifth appointment within 6 weeks of the first session is charged $80. Average = $120 CAD/session)
    • Package of 10 (biweekly): $1105 CAD. (First 7 payments are charged at $130 per session. Next 3 appointments within 6 weeks of the first session are charged only $65 each. Average = $110.50 CAD/session).

FEES – Other

  • Letter preparation (e.g. for insurance company, other health care practitioner, etc.): $50 CAD
  • Food plan preparation: $70-$400 CAD, depending on level of detail (to be negotiated with you)

FEES – Workshops, talks, group sessions

I provide workshops on mindfulness meditation, stress, anxiety and mood management, self-care, Traditional Chinese Medicine, burnout, nutrition, and many other topics. I have also been brought in to offer acupuncture to a group of employees at once. I offer my skills as an experienced group facilitator, a broad background in community/ social/ environmental issues and anti-oppression, a passion for organizing and community development, and health/ wellness information from a Chinese medicine viewpoint. Please contact me to discuss details.

Financial Accessibility

We live in the reality of an increasing gap between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’. I work with everyone from executives, doctors and lawyers to people on Ontario Works, ODSP, or Old Age Security.  As a lifelong goal, I aim to work with others toward ensuring that traditional medicine becomes financially accessible to all. In both mainland China and Taiwan, I have witnessed the incredible healing that can happen when Traditional East Asian Medicine is financially subsidized in the same way as Western medicine. That means traditional doctors can make a living wage, while patients pay little out of pocket for herbs, acupuncture and tuina.

While I myself have many costs to cover and still aspire to earn a living wage, I offer a limited number of reduced fee / sliding scale spots to those in need. Please speak to me for details if you are concerned about this. From time to time, I also offer acupuncture for free or by-donation, at special events and fundraisers. Contact me for details, or join my monthly mailing list to keep informed.