Acu for Anxiety Discount Clinic

Private, personalized 1-hr acupuncture treatments
Only $30-70 (pay what you want, no questions asked)!
Anxiety. Stress. Insomnia. Depression. Chronic Pain. Digestion. Fatigue. Trauma.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013, 3:00 to 8:00 pm
276 St. George St, Suite 410 (South of Dupont, north of Bloor). In the Annex, downtown Toronto. Closest subways Dupont or St. George. Buzzer 2741.
Limited spots available — you MUST book a time in advance!

How can acupuncture help with anxiety?

Acupuncture is excellent for regulating the nervous system, relaxing the mind and body, and treating the “five elements” that are out of balance when anxiety (or another emotion) gets out of hand. It can deal effectively with anxiety symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, palpitations, headaches, sleep and digestive disturbances. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a 5000+ year history of effectively maintaining and heal our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits naturally, and treats all these simultaneously. Acupuncture, massage, herbs, nutrition and physical/mental exercises are some of the tools used in the medicine.

What if this is my first time and I’m scared?

New to acupuncture? Scared of needles? You’re more than welcome! We can go at your pace, use much fewer or thinner needles, breathe deep and relax… just give it a try, it won’t be nearly as bad as you think (I’m sure!)

What if I want to deal with my back pain, digestion or chronic cough, not my anxiety?

That’s totally fine too. We can’t deal with everything in one session, but you get to pick what’s most important to you today.

What if something comes up and I can’t come at the last minute?

I will be phoning you 2 days before, and you MUST call or email me back to confirm your time spot. Like most health care practitioners, I ask for 24 hours advance notice (minimum 24 hours, though longer is much better), so that I can try to offer the slot to someone else. Without the 24 hours notice, you are usually asked to pay your treatment fee in full. In this case, it will be a $30 cancellation fee (the minimum contribution amount).

This Discount Clinic’s sliding scale is already significantly discounted (lower than I’ve ever done), so I ask that you respect your booking, for my sake and the sake of another person who otherwise could have had that time.

What do you mean by “private” acupuncture / Chinese medicine treatments?

I mean you will get one-on-one attention, your own private space/room, and your own massage table to lie on. It’s not “community” style acupuncture where there are many people in the same room, mostly in lounge chairs, and 4-6 people get treated per hour. (Though I have wonderful friends who run great community acupuncture clinics throughout Toronto and Ontario, and can refer you if you’d like!).  I wanted to offer treatments privately, and not just in group setting so that people could feel comfortable releasing whatever comes up emotionally / physically, without feeling self-conscious.

However, as “Acu for Anxiety” Discount Clinic is a special event, I WILL be “overlapping” treatments and running 2 rooms at the same time. That means while one person is resting with the needles, I will assess and treat the person in the other room. This is commonly done by many practitioners (I usually don’t do it). Overlapping treatments with a second room doesn’t mean your care will be any less effective, but it does mean that the day will focus on acupuncture treatment only, i.e.:

  • It’s easier for me to incorporate other aspects of Chinese medicine (bodywork/massage, cupping, guasha, moxibustion, nutrition, herbs, etc.) during a “regular” clinic time, and not so much during “Acu for Anxiety” day
  • There’s a bit more time in a “regular” treatments to discuss your full health history and customized suggestions for nutrition, meditation, lifestyle, emotional and physical exercises, etc. Those suggestions, if you’re interested (not everyone is!) make it easier for people to practice self-care between treatments, so that they “need” less frequent treatments eventually, but not everyone wants the discussion/ideas.
  • If you want this more in-depth discussion time, feel free to book a “double session” (for twice the donation amount, please!). Or try it out today, and then come back on a “regular” clinic day for a longer discussion (I also offer sliding scale and barter rates for my regular clinic days, or insurance receipts if your school or work has coverage.)  I have offices both in downtown Toronto and North York.

What should I do to get ready for the Acu for Anxiety Clinic?

  • Fill in the intake and consent forms in advance, or come 15 minutes early to do so
  • Dress in (or change into before your treatment) loose, comfortable clothing so that you can just hop on the table when it’s your turn
  • Bring a cheque or cash, or send an email money transfer with your sliding scale contribution
  • Please prepare to be slightly flexible and patient with your start time. Arrive on time, and please sip a relaxing tea, or read an inspiring book/magazine, if you have to wait a few minutes! Which means, please pay for an extra 15 minutes of parking time, just in case, okay?

What should I expect that day?

Expect to enter a calm environment, be invited to sit while I glance over your intake forms and chat with you for a couple minutes about your situation. I’ll take your pulse and look at your tongue, to get an idea what’s happening inside the body (which elements are in or out of balance). I may also press some points on your arms, legs, abdomen, or back (if you’re comfortable with it) to confirm my assessment. Then you get to lie on a comfy massage table and breathe slowly in and out during the needling, which will proceed at your pace and comfort level.

Finally, you rest with the needles in for another 25-30 minutes while they take effect, and can alert me anytime if you’re uncomfortable. Then you get up, relaxed (maybe a bit sleepy or spaced-out), and take your time to leave (sip water, tea first, sit down so you don’t feel rushed, etc.).  Try to take it easy the rest of the day if you can (or at least for the next hour or two!).

Is the location accessible?

The building has elevators, but there is one step at the front door, no automated front doors, and the washroom is not wheelchair accessible, unfortunately. If this makes the event inaccessible for you, please contact me for more details or to make arrangements that would work for you, including a different date or location if we can make it mutually work (for the same sliding scale price).

I am centrally located in downtown Toronto at 276 St. George #410 (buzzer 2741). It is south of Dupont, about an 8 minute walk from St. George subway, or a 6 minute walk from Dupont subway. The Bay, Dupont and Davenport buses also pass very close by. Street parking is available for $2.25 per hour. Bicycle parking can be found to the rear of the building, and St. George has a wide bike lane that continues onto Beverley street further south.

The sliding scale is stressing me out. How do I decide what to pay?

The sliding scale allows some folks to pay less than half what a private treatment would normally cost, trusting that those who can afford more will contribute more (no questions asked, e.g. about your income).

If you are torn about what amount to offer, this may sound corny, but… take a moment to breathe, close your eyes and listen to your heart. A certain contribution amount will resonate with you and feel “right”, an exchange you feel good about. Yes, I also have expenses to pay, but am offering this Discount Day in the spirit of service and gratitude (i.e. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to practice this beautiful medicine, and to be able to offer it in more affordable ways, when I can).

[For those who will insist on knowing, regular single sessions are $75/hr, and package sessions are usually $66/hr. If you can afford it today, contributing toward the higher end helps cover the sliding scale for folks who have more limited finances.]

What if I still can’t afford the $30 minimum suggested contribution?

  • Talk to me about barter/volunteer possibilities
  • Talk to me about other affordable acupuncture services around the city (student clinics, community acupuncture clinics, NADA ear acupuncture clinics, etc.)

How do I book a time?

Email me at or phone 416-890-7770 and let me know the earliest and latest times you can make it that day.  Or fill in this form: