mindfulness course application 正念冥想课程申请

I would like to register for the 我想注册:
Many courses have a day-long “retreat” session toward the end of the course. This allows us to go deeper in the practice and is usually a major turning point for participants in establishing their foundations. Would you be able to attend a day-long session toward the end of the course, e.g. June 3 or 10? 很多课程在接近尾声阶段时都有为期一天的巩固练习。这样的活动能让大家进行深度练习,而且这也通常是参与者在正念冥想练习中打下基础的关键时刻。您是否能在课程快结束时参加这样一整天的练习?时间大概在63日或者10日。
Any health issues we should be aware of, including any condition that will affect your ability to sit for extended periods, stand, lie down, or walk? 您是否有一些我们需要注意的健康问题?比如会影响长期坐立,站立或者走路的身体健康问题?
IMPORTANT NOTE: This course may not be suitable for those with paranoia or schizophrenia. If you have concerns around your mental health, please discuss with your doctor and confirm the suitability of this course for you before the course starts. 重要提示:这个课程不太适合有偏执或者精神分裂症的人群。如果您对自己健康问题存在担心的话,我们建议您在课程开始前跟您的医生咨询确认.
I understand that while this course can promote emotional well-being, it is not a substitute for treatment from a professional doctor, counsellor or psychotherapist. I accept the risk of unresolved issues surfacing, and take responsibility for finding professional help if necessary. 我知道虽然冥想这个课程可以帮助我们找到生活的幸福感,也可以提升生活水平,但是不等同于专业医生,咨询师或者心理医生的治疗。若在课程过程中发现有隐藏的或是未解决的心理问题等等出现,有必要的话我会自己主动寻求专业人事的帮助与治疗。
To get the most out of the course, I understand I will be encouraged to try meditating daily throughout the course (ideally 20-45 min a day), and to attend all classes (except in cases of illness or other exceptions).为了能够最大化地从课程中受益,我清楚我自己应该每天试着冥想练习20-45分钟,并且积极参加每节练习课(除非因为生病或者其它特别重要的原因)
Please note that your registration will not be confirmed until your deposit has been received. You may email info [at] paulinehwang.ca, call me at 18951825064 or WeChat me (ID: pozenator) to confirm receipt, after you send the deposit. If you cannot give the deposit for financial reasons, please contact me to make alternative arrangements. As described here, the deposit and any advance donations can be refunded, if you cancel at least 2 weeks before the course starts.您需要在预交款支付成功后才会报名成功。您可以给我邮件 info@paulinehwang.ca或者打电话给我18951825064 或者微信给我留言(账号是pozenator)来跟我确认您是否缴费成功。如果您因为经济问题不能缴纳费用的话,请跟我联系。如果您在课程开始至少2周以前联系取消的话,我们会返还您的预交款以及额外的费用。